Beyond Good & Evil HD Review [Game Revolution]

"Remaking the game might have meant overhauling the combat, polishing up the visuals, or completely screwing the whole game up. No need worry, BG&E vets, everything is coming up Jade." ~ Daniel Bischoff, Game Revolution

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KDermod2653d ago

Eff yes. Just...just. Eff -yes-. :D

dbjj120882653d ago

Really surprised by how well this translated into more modern graphics.

yen8882653d ago

I loved the original and the HD update just made it better somehow, shame about the glitches, hopefully they will get patched :D

samurailincoln2653d ago

Who would've ever thought that a good game would still be good years later? Big shocker there.

stormeagle62653d ago

Loved it the first time around, and you really can't go wrong with a great game getting a visual makeover without tweaking what made it great the first time.

LostTokens2650d ago

The amazing thing is that while I haven't seen it yet re-mastered for HD, I doubt it took much doing to fix. The game is absolutely beautiful in its original form.