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Last year Chime was released on XBLA, it was lauded as peaceful, serene and addictive. Better yet, all the proceeds from the game went to charity!

But enough about that. Chime is back and better than ever – this time on the Playstaion Network.

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CrzyFooL2502d ago

"Call up a friend, spark up a fatty, kick back, relax and play some Chime… you can thank me later."

I lol'd

callahan092502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Chime is a phenomenal game. Love it. I have it on Steam. New songs and restyled graphics on the PS3? Count me on, I'll buy it again.

Drjft2502d ago

Seems like an interesting game.

jaredhart2502d ago

Bigger, Better and More Badass?

Megaton2502d ago

It's not that good, to be honest. I got it on 360 when it was on sale for like $2. I think proceeds originally went to a charity if you bought it on 360. Dunno if they're doing that for this version, or the PC version.

CrzyFooL2502d ago

Nope, they are going to make money on this version. Probably why it has all the new content.

itsactuallyadam2502d ago

that's a little disappointing and shameful of them, in fact i think i lost a little bit of respect for the game now.

itsactuallyadam2502d ago

I already have Chrime on 360 but the super deluxe is really tempting...hopefully ill get it free with Playstation+

hazelamy2501d ago

that would be nice.

if not a special offer, otherwise i might just have to buy it anyway.

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