BAFTA Video Games Awards... the winners

This evening saw all the big hitters in the gaming industry convene in London, UK, to cheer on (or curse) their counterparts at the 2011 BAFTA Video Games Awards. Megabits of Gaming was watching the ceremony... here are the winners!

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Bojeeva2683d ago

Heavy Rain wins big - shame about Limbo though!

Reiko2683d ago

Mass Effect 2 was a deserving winner but nothing for Halo: Reach or Gran Turismo 5.

user94220772683d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 wins best gameplay award - very well deserved IMO.

kaveti66162683d ago

I feel like super mario doesn't really take risks.

It's gameplay is something that is so simple it cannot suck.

TheMysterion2683d ago

Have you tried it? The wii mote is amazing for mario games. The story is the same yes but the gameplay never. But on another note no love for rdr? What!?

eagle212682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Risks? Have you even played it? No game has ever played like it. No game has even 20% of the creativity. The controls, physics, animation, sound, etc are extraordinary. 241 stars of excellence. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is in it's on masterclass.:)

Bojeeva2683d ago

Surprised at F1 2010 too. IMO other winners should have included Limbo, Starcraft II and Dance Central

Lamarthedancer2683d ago

GAME would pick Black Ops ¬¬

The Game which gives them the biggest sales of course their going to pick that.

trainsinrdr2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

i despise cod but to be honest black ops had an awesome storyline atleast in my opinion xD

@ BiggCMan yh well i thought this one was the better than mw2 and waw because it was dramatic near the end but if you still disagree then i understand because its still cod:P

BiggCMan2683d ago

Damn, really? I'll be honest, I was so bored of the story in Black Ops, I haven't even beaten it yet and I've had it since release day. I always play and beat the story first for all games, but I was just so bored of it.

hellzsupernova2683d ago

i fully agree it was the only fps storyline i actually enjoyed and was like shit whats going to happen. BFBC2 i got bored, KZ2 i got bored, so yeah i thought this game is mint why is it getting so much hate. i still dont fully understand the hate. the online was good when i played it, the single player never froze up or hit any glitches at all, and i was palying the ps3 version so yeah.

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The story is too old to be commented.