Play the Gears of War Beta 3 before public Release

Microsoft are offering the first 40,000 people to complete the "Gears of War: Mission 1" course on access to the beta early, just follow these steps:

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mcmmaster2536d ago

Site says its going under maintenance, any1 else getting this?

Markie2536d ago

It's all good for me.

KeiserSosay47882536d ago

"You must verify that you work with either Gamestop or Bestbuy so don't bother trying if you don't work for them."

Guess I'm out....

zerosignalxst2536d ago

Let's change the title of this shall we, it's very misleading.

MGRogue20172536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I'm in the UK & I don't work for GameStop or BestBuy.. so..

Rampaged Death2536d ago

I don't either and I finished the quiz. Fingers crossed I get a code.

radphil2536d ago

You HAVE to verify employment. Doesn't work like that this time around like Halo Reach's was.

MGRogue20172536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I just noticed that it's not just for BestBuy & GameSpot..

Currys Digital can also do it as well.. And I work there! :D

I just passed the course just now. Hope I get a code. :)

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