Total War: Shogun 2 - Review

Ten long years of waiting. A journey by Creative Assembly, which has given rise to real gaming milestones, and that has revolutionized, as early as the first chapter, the world of strategic history.

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Stewie2k82682d ago

Yay should have it for friday/saturday!

Perjoss2682d ago

awesome game, best total war game to date imo!

Stewie2k82682d ago

ya i thought so from the demo! although wish i had a better rig to run it :( can only get it on medium settings and even that slows down the game quite a bit when fighting and i dont like this game on low settings, looks crap :(

Solid_Snake-2682d ago

got the ltd edition on release date.... AMAZING GAME

banjadude2682d ago

I'm jealous of you... I'm still waiting for my import copy.

Solid_Snake-2682d ago

why imported and what country you from. in the uk we had every edition + the chess board

banjadude2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I imported from Game UK originally, to get the Grand Master edition, but they refused to send to Canada, because of the 1KG limit...
So I went with the next best offer, the Australian one (JB Hi-Fi); if you pre-order you get a calligraphy set.

Problem is... Sega issued an Occupational Health and Safety issue with the calligraphy set... so I'm empty handed (sort of).

Oh, I'm from Canada. So, all we get is the cruddy limited edition.