Knights Contract Review [Game Revolution]

"I'm fairly certain that the 9-year-old-me would love Knights Contract: It has cheesy violence, lots of boobs, and a story with more ham than a bacon-eating pig." ~ Kevin Dermody, Game Revolution

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samurailincoln2681d ago

Glad I read this review before picking this one up. Sounds like the game's a total joke.

KDermod2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

No doubt-- and the humor (intentional or otherwise) isn't worth the pain. Man, I was kind of hoping this thing would be "worth it." :(

...also, for chrissake; the Knight possesses the Contract and, as such, it should be "Knight's Contract." The inverse goes for "Demon's Souls" (thanks for pointing that out, Nick). Am I the only one driven absolutely crazy by this?

Nate-Dog2681d ago

I was actually pretty close to picking this up today but the store I had a gift card for didn't have the version I wanted. Similar to samurailincoln I'm glad I read this, think I'll steer clear of it (I can always find good video-game pr0nz in other games right?). Nice review btw.

stormeagle62681d ago

Sexualized zombie women? I think I just heard Earth slipping into the first layer of Hell. Crap.