D3 Publisher’s Upcoming Shooter Line-Up

D3 has never been known for intensely polished games. If anything, their games fall into the budget realm of software. While most other studios wallow in mediocrity, D3 has taken many of their titles and transformed them into popular and beloved franchises with low-production costs and low prices for consumers, but plenty of fun.

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athmaus2684d ago

Hmmm...interesting line up, but i dont see anythign that strikes my facy in that list

TheSanchezDavid2684d ago

Insect Armageddon and Bangai-O look pretty freaking awesome. I especially like the quirky look and style of the latter.

DemonStration2683d ago

I can't wait for Insect Armageddon. I got to try it at PAX and it's awesome!