Square Enix may open new studio in Canada — Scrawl

Scrawl: "Square Enix is looking to open up a brand new development studio in Canada, according to Canadian newspaper lapresseaffaires."

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CrzyFooL2445d ago

They can afford this nonsense now?

DarkBlood2445d ago

at least i can piss at square enix with one now in my country :P jokes lol

they still make great games

Infernostew2445d ago

"they still make great games"

....for example?

ARMY_HAWK2445d ago

Yea seriously? Maybe there recent Kingdom Hearts, but thats it

Godmars2902445d ago

PSP, DS games.

Its the PS3/360 titles that suck so far.

kingdavid2445d ago

The World Ends With You is the last generally great game theyve made that i can remember.

DarkBlood2445d ago

that all depends if they are great to you guys im in no way referring to what is a great game considered by societys standard

Titanz2445d ago

It would be good for the community.

BakedGoods2445d ago

The best games are made here.

JewelTheif2445d ago

Canadian govt funds game development. I is not sure why everybody don't go there.

CrzyFooL2445d ago

ORLY!? *Starts Company in Canada*

rezzah2445d ago

Welcome to Canada =D


Syaz12445d ago

the land of of the biebers :P

rezzah2445d ago

Shh dont say that, they might change their minds )=

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