Does the Xbox 360 need cloud storage?

Now that Sony have implemented a cloud storage system, is it time for Microsoft to follow suit with the Xbox 360?

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DaThreats2592d ago

If they do, they will increase the price of XBL Gold

yen8882592d ago

it's a good point, Microsoft are always looking to get the most money out of people

darthv722592d ago

they already have. You can buy stuff from the marketplace through a pc and then download it to your 360 or a friends 360 if you sign in as yourself. Your achievements and friends list are all attached to the gamertag, not the console.

Game saves would be nice to upload but I would think it is just quicker and more convenient to have your profile on a thumbdrive. I do and I will take my profile from one 360 to another and download a game I bought and play it from anywhere. With the exception of having to download the game on another 360, i keep my saves with me at all times.

Now if sony had autosync then we are talking. You play a game and get to a certain point. You save/upload the save to your psn profile. Go to a friends house with the game (or download the game through psn profile on their ps3) and get your save from your psn profile. Get further in the game and it autosaves your progress changes to the cloud version so you dont have to remember to do it yourself.

That would be nice.

Biggest2592d ago

How did you just spin the question to more suggestions for the PS3, which already has cloud storage? You're cool with the 360 not having it at all, but you also expect more from the PS3 which actually has the feature.

gamingdroid2592d ago

because maybe having the feature doesn't necessarily mean it is as useful as one would like it.

MintBerryCrunch2592d ago

don't forget the adapter!! how would it work w/o one :D

Venatus-Deus2592d ago


But not having the feature is better?

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B1663r2592d ago

For a few saves??? I think not, my game saves are not that important, but I havent lost any in 5 years now...

Venatus-Deus2592d ago

Think of cloud storage as insurance.

You never know when you will need it, but you thank fuck you have it when you do.

Megaton2591d ago

I wish more games utilized Steam Cloud.

Aarix2592d ago

Or extend the value of the current subscription

TomInc2592d ago

Sony's cloud service isnt all the great anyway! For starts limiting it to subscribers of Playstation Plus just moves further towards an Xbox Live style.. and the lack of subscription was always something that made Playstations online kick Xbox's ass!

SnakeMustDie2592d ago

I hope that Sony keeps the online play free and those awesome features like Cloud available only to Plus subscribers.

yen8882592d ago

Do you think Plus is too expensive for what it is? £40 a year for a couple of free games and 150MB of space?

TomInc2592d ago

I dont think the limitation comes with its cost. I think to a certain extent it could do with more space and some other features. But at the same time it's jsut early days and I'd hope sony so develop it a lot. Playstation Plus itself is good for the content a lot more rewarding than Xbox Live, which is a plus.. I just think opening the cloud to a wider basis would be cool, even if it was just on different levels.

Lou-Cipher2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

PlayStation Plus is well worth the money, Im actually suprised at how much stuff you get with the $50 price tag.

I have at least 20+ games free/15+ Dynamic Themes free/20+ Regular Themes free/Big discounts on games and DLC and many other features. Plus all the other stuff that is either free or discounted, plus the early access to demos and other stuff.

I spend $50 on a service that has literaly saved me hundreds of dollars.(and I haven't even used the the full 13 months yet) The only time Microsoft gives away free stuff is if your 360 blows up and burns down your house. I recently stopped paying for Xbox Live (Gold) because it really has no value (exept for X game chat)when compared to PS Plus.

darthv722592d ago

The amount of stuff you get free with psn isnt really free. Its free for the length of your membership. Cancel at any time but you dont get to keep the free gifts. The only stuff you are guaranteed to keep are items you bought at a discounted price.

Funny thing is that once you sign up it shows sony that people are willing to pay for the service. At least MS had a paying service from the beginning and added a free component to the service. Not hiding anything there. Sony has the potential to start dwindling down things that are really free if it feels they can make $$ off it. Like members only content for games.

Being a free member and you buy a new game only to find that while you can play cant play online in the same tracks, levels, maps, etc that are deemed "members only". I dont blame sony for cashing in on the membership side of things. After all...there have to be some things that make the service worth paying for. You have to have that feeling of worth to make it as if you are above the rest who are just a bunch of freeloaders.

They had to start off free to get people interested in it. Now they have moved into the same strategy as any other membership service. Find ways to get more members. When you have signed up a give them stuff to keep them a member.

winflasher02592d ago

@darth.The things you get from PS Plus you get to keep even if you cancel. Free means something has no cost. Spin it all you want but the free things you get from PS plus you get to keep.

blackpanther252592d ago

Dude what are you saying the only point of psn+ is services and content cause playing online is free without if they were to theoretically ever start to dwindle on service then people will leave cause that is the whole point of psn+ from the beginning.......its not like people are forced to continue to pay to play online

darthv722592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

that is news to me. They must have changed their ToC. It was my understanding that the free games are free for the extent of your membership. You keep on playing that game. You cancel, that game or other free content becomes invalid. If that is no longer the case, then i will sign up.

Also, to be honest, free doesnt always mean what we think it means. Sometimes there are conditions. Free for a ltd time. Free while supplies last. Free for as long as you are a member. Those are just a few marketing examples still in use today by businesses.

edit: @black "its not like people are forced to continue to pay to play online" that remains to be seen. I dont want to ever see that happen on psn but there is just to much temptation for sony not to make a little $$$ off the service by way of exclusive game content and play modes. That includes online. If they came out and said we are having an exclusive members only tournament in gt5 do you think non members would be upset at not being able to participate?

Sony knows when and where to stike when it comes to manipulating their service. If they want to start have members only areas in home, they will do it. Same goes for any of their high profile games. I never said online play would NOT remain free. I am simply saying what could happen with creating more relevance to the service for paid members.

If I were a paid member, I would like it if there were exclusive game maps or tracks to play in that the freebies cant. It certainly would make the service worth more to me.

FFXI1012592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

"Cancel at any time but you dont get to keep the free gifts"

Wrong, we get to keep everything. Games, themes(or dynamic themes), avatars. It only means the game that were FREE won't work but you can still use theme, avatars.

"Its free for the length of your membership"

What services aren't like like? Can you continue to use Netflix or GameFly or your internet connection if you STOP paying them?
At least peopl can still playing games ONLINE even if they don't want to buy PLUS.

"At least MS had a paying service from the beginning and added a free component to the service. Not hiding anything there"

When did Sony HIDE it? Jack Tretton SAID it during the E3 conference last year and many magzine and website have post the info of PS plus. If people don't know that only means two things, they are either ignorant or too lazy to check/research it.

"Being a free member and you buy a new game only to find that while you can play cant play online in the same tracks, levels, maps, etc that are deemed
members only"

That's funy cause if this was a problem to you how come I don't see you complain about XBL's services? cause if you aren't a gold member you CAN'T play online with your friends, you CAN't use most XBL features whereas PSN let you do all those things WITHOUT PAYING and I don't know where you get the "Can't play the same tracks, lvls, maps thing" It has nothing to do with the Plus, you just have to play or buy the DLC like everyone else.

SlyFoxC2592d ago

@ Win

everything purchased with PlayStation Plus, and yes even if it says "FREE" it is still a purchase, is only able to be used while you have a current subscription to PS+. As soon as you cancel your subscription you lose all access to anything you got from PlayStation Plus.

(on a side note, buying the DLC for a discounted price isnt part of that deal. so people dont worry about not being able to play your dlc that you got for 20% off if you cancel. Only games you got "FREE" from PlayStation Plus are unavailable after you cancel.)

TheDivine2592d ago

cloud saves are not AWESOME lol. Wow i have 320 gb harddrive but i can save a few games that take up 20mb to the cloud? WHO CARES? If sony saved my profile to the cloud so i could use my content and saves on my friends ps3 that would be cool.

darthv722592d ago

"Once downloaded, the games are yours to keep and play as long as you are a member of PlayStation Plus. If your subscription lapses and then you re-subscribe, the games you have already downloaded will reactivate, so you still have access to them. Additionally, if you delete one of the titles from your PS3, but decide you want to get it back, then you can re-download from the PlayStation Plus section of the PSN Store if the game is still there, or, if the game has expired from the PlayStation Plus section of the PSN Store, you can simply search for it on PS Store and download it again at no extra cost."

This is from the PS blog about the Plus service. So far it has been the costco of online services. I would actually like it if sony had some members only maps in KZ3 or tracks in GT5. It would give the service more worth to those who pay. Otherwise they see the free people playing in the same games as them and they will wonder why they are paying. It cant just be for the discounts.

DFresh2592d ago

I'm pretty sure the basic online will always remain free it's just if you desperately want those extra features PS Plus seems like the way to go.

Hell I'm surprised Microsoft doesn't allow users to play the basic online with a Silver Membership and just offer the extra crap if you want to sign up as a Gold member.
(I'll never understand it.)

Daoshai2591d ago

Way to prove them wrong darth

And you still got all the disagrees. I thought everyone knew that about PSN plus, but I guess not.

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Masterchef20072592d ago

Multiplayer in PSN will always be free. Remember this is Sony not Microsoft.

Daoshai2591d ago

I'll wager anything that next generation your statement is not true.

Masterchef20072591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

It will still be true because Sony has raked in a lot of people into PSN because of its free online. And i still expect it to be free in the future.

People will expect PSN to be free and so it shall remain free. Theres no point in charging to play online. However there will be a plus service that will provide many benefits.

Daoshai2591d ago

like I said, I will wager ANYTHING your wrong.

Masterchef20072591d ago

Ok How about your life? The one who looses has to slit his wrists with razor blades and to prove it you have to do it via a web cam.

LOL im just kidding. But you will never be right you know. Only Microsoft is capable of charging you to play online with a P2P based system.

That is why PSN is free to play online. Because it is a open network with an online system similar to those on PCs.

If they charge for PSN devs will charge for PC as well.

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Bleucrunch2592d ago

Dude have you ever used storage before?? It cost MONEY to implement things like that are they suppose to support that infrastructure and maintain it so it is always accessible and working without any funds?? For what you get with Plus it is well worth the price...If M$ does the same then I would hope they wouldn't need to up the price of the service for it..but then again M$ still hasn't been able to justify the cost of live to me anyways..but that is just me.

Aarix2592d ago

Dude they have sky drive they could integrate that into xbl

Dan_Vivian2592d ago

Cloud based systems can be useful, but you have to have the bandwidth to go along with it. It don't really see it as being an issue as both consoles come with pretty adequate space now anyway.

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MaximusPrime2592d ago

good idea for people with old xbox 360 on a verge of RRoD

yen8882592d ago

couldn't they just use a usb stick though?

MaximusPrime2592d ago

could do. people have choices to make. on usb, external hdd or cloud storage

killcycle2592d ago

You can't copy copying-prohibited data via usb.
You can via Cloud storage.

DavidBaller2592d ago

Cloud backups would have saved my life when mine died =/ Oh well!

Aarix2592d ago

I accidentally clicked "delete profile and items" and was 20 hours in ff13

sethbalmore2591d ago

"good idea for people with old xbox 360 on a verge of RRoD"


RROD doesn't effect the HDD at all

SeanScythe2592d ago

Works good for me when I have saves that I can't back up to USB.

SMOK3xFFx2592d ago

Noone NEEDS cloud storage, it would be a welcome addition however.

killcycle2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I NEEDED it. Because i could not copy my Copying-prohibited Data without it unless i brought another ps3 and done a full ps3 to ps3 back up.

FFXI1012592d ago

I agree, I lost my Rainbow six 2 save because I couldn't transfer it to the USB drive so I lost the progress(same as Dragon Age saved data)

Now have the cloud storage I won't have to worry about losing it, so is a NEEDED feature to ME.