PAX East 11: Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack Developer Interview

Jon Ireson writes: "Serious Sam 3 is on its way and to celebrate that Devolver Digital recently announced their Serious Sam indie series! Hitting the Android and iOS store as part of this deployment is Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack from Be-Rad Entertainment. In this game the roles are reversed as you take upon yourself the goal of the enemy. Check out my interview with the Founder of Be-Rad Entertainment and the mind behind Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack, with off-screen gameplay footage included!"

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Hitman07692684d ago

This was my first interview on video and Be-Rad and I had some interesting talks following the interview. He is a hardcore indie developer who has worked on games like the Tomb Raider series before branching out to completely independent status owning his own company. The game is showing promise and will have a lot added to it before release in the coming months.


Great job for your first interview, I'm super proud of you man keep that fire coming. I can't wait to see more.

SeNiLesBack2684d ago

Good job, to bad the sound sux though, hard to hear.

Criminal2684d ago

Great job, indie games do need more coverage.
Keep it up,

Hayabusawoman132684d ago

Exciting stuff, really cool interview keep them coming

Lamarthedancer2684d ago

Shame it's a prequel...not saying it's going to be bad, it sounds amazing but prequels always bother me when they do it for like the third game instead of leaving them for spins offs or side games

Lulabarbie2684d ago

Great interview! U never disappoint!

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