Why Call of Duty Should Be Afraid of Battlefield 3

Tell us, Mason! How will the next Call of Duty game be!? Call of Duty is undeniably the number one game in both sales and online play and it has been so for quite a few years. But every great empire must fall eventually… at least to the number two spot. Who shall reign supreme? Well, as of now, it appears that Battlefield 3 is a real contender to the throne. Recently EA & DICE have been releasing a lot of information and videos (with actual in-game footage) concerning the upcoming Battlefield 3. The most impressive and noteworthy thing we have seen so far is the capabilities of the Frostbite 2 game engine. This will be the first game to utilize this engine and it looks B-E-A-UTIFUL. In an era that graphics rein supreme, how can Call of Duty compete without updating their graphics to match or best the new engine?

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tunaks12679d ago

games can feel emotion,
god help us all!

Brash_Attack2679d ago

We've all seen it coming.

Xfanboy2678d ago

Wanna hear a joke? Call of Duty

BX812678d ago

I actually like homefront bettter than MW2/Black ops online. I just wish it had better graphics. Now BF is a whole other beast. For me BFBC2 was good but having more maps and game modes would've put it past any cod game. I'm looking forward to Gears 3 and BF3!

waterboy2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

i know that the new counter for cod games being the best game is "sales dont equal quality" but really why does cod sell more than these would be better games than it? and why by several millions on each platform separate and combined?

snowball effect? well why doesnt battlefield snow ball effect especially since battlefield games came out first why wont it snowball why wont more people play it?

plb2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Because cod is easier to grasp and is more arcade.

BX812678d ago


R u the one that disagreed with me?

If so here is your theory. Sales do not equal quality. We know this for a fact because of the wii. BF doesn't snowball imo because the majority of gamers are kids. Kids in general (not all) like to game quick and easy and cry about how they owned with a quick scope. You can't do that in BF. It actually takes skill. My best kill ever in a game came via BFBC2. A guy jumped off the building in oasis and I sniped him (head shot). I was pumped! COD is easy to pick up and plant a claymore, c4, camera... etc. to get a kill

DeFFeR2678d ago

Because Call of Duty rehashes the same crap every release, whereas Battlefield makes actual improvements, instead of changing the timeframe and trying to push it as "innovative" and "newest"-something.

waterboy2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

what exactly was new in battlefield that is new? what is the rehash in cod? why is battlefield so boring? why cant better graphics even make battlefield sell better than cod games? you love making "consoles" an excuse for everything the reality is is that cod is the better franchise all platforms are being held back when a game is multiplatform

plb2678d ago

Bfbc2 already had betted graphics than cod...PC versions that is. Also bc2 is a spinoff designed for consoles...not a true bf sequel.

waterboy2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

why wouldnt i get dissagrees and you get agrees? typical battlefield fan denial what is ever new in battlefield games exactly? graphics? lol

hacksaw, outdated? lol you must mean battlefield since it came out first and its still the same game other than graphics and engine tech

Vorgier2678d ago

[email protected]

You a call of duty "bro"? Hat on backwards? Tapout t-shirt on?

You are in the real denial.

strawberry92678d ago

Only idiots and noobs play the camper-friendly cod that is so easy to play that a retard with an IQ of 20 could play. Real gamers that actually care about the quality of their games would choose battlefield over cod any day. battlefield 3 will only prove this further, except the impressive graphics will probably take a bunch of the retarded cod players... Anybody arguing with the fact that the cod series has been the exact same game since cod 4 is a fanboy. You can't tell me a minor fix/change in the multiplayer is going to change the game. The cod engine could probably be run on a ps2...

deadoralive13372678d ago

Lol afraid? I think COD is already dead. Just look at is ready to set the bar high.

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