6.3 Homefront Review

The Homefront franchise created by Kaos Studios will not pass by unnoticed. The title brings the landscape of gaming first person shooters a new history, diverse, mature shooter in an era of "ignorant" is already a significant step forward. This shows a team of developers' attention to the narrative style that comes to life and shows the player in the bitter war of resistance while leaving the anonymous protagonist. Purtroppo una campagna in singolo giocatore troppo corta - ma come detto non priva di momenti memorabili - e una modalità multigiocatore priva di originalità, non aiutano di certo il titolo a fare il salto di qualità e imporsi in un mercato agguerrito e non privo di concorrenza. Unfortunately, a single-player campaign too short - but as I said not without its memorable moments - and a multiplayer mode lacks originality, the title certainly does not help to make the leap and establish itself in a market and not without fierce competition. The technical sector shows more flaws then virtues, the lower the PC version but nonetheless evident, as to give rise to a certain regret for the wonderful texture fantageopolitica so 'but so well told' sore appears. Probably the title deserves to be played anyway because of its history, but our hope is that with a second chapter, the publisher wants to better exploit the obvious potential of this new franchise.

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