Portal 2 Interview

This is a new triumph for Valve. Despite lying to rabid gamers about the promise of cake, they're actually delivering something much, much sweeter: Portal 2. The tiny little downloadable game is getting strectched out into a standalone, retail box having sequel and we here at GR couldn't be happier. After checking out the hilarious first 6 minutes of the game, we took a walk with a couple of Aperture Science's finest to find out how the game has evolved and if there will be cake this time around.

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insertcoin2534d ago

There's no way Portal 2 isn't going to be awesome. (As long as the cake is not a lie.)

samurailincoln2534d ago

Didn't you hear him? There is no cake! The cake is retired!

KDermod2534d ago

Forgive me for being a bastard-- but thank god. If there is no cake, you <i>know</i> there'll be some other memetastic joke.

dbjj120882534d ago

No meme please. Plenty of user generated levels on consoles though, thank you.

LostTokens2530d ago

I'm making a note here: HUGE success!