Pixelated Geek - Retro Gaming Reviews: Parasite Eve (Squaresoft, 1998)

Pixelated Geek: In the late 90s, with the popularity of the survival horror genre on the rise, RPG giant Square decided to throw its hat into the ring with its own take on the genre. The result was Parasite Eve, a survival horror/RPG hybrid based on the 1995 Japanese novel of the same name.

While the game had its flaws, Square’s inexperience with developing games outside of the RPG genre did not do much to hinder Parasite Eve’s success, proving to be a fairly competent attempt at an action game. Successfully blending together the RPG and survival horror genres, the end result was more of an RPG with survival horror elements thrown into the mix, as expected of Square, rather than a full-on action game, a la Resident Evil. And, to its credit, the game worked rather well for the most part.

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Mrglowsticks2558d ago

i remember the game. it was/is awesome.

RuckusPG2558d ago

Great review! I had actually never heard of Parasite Eve before, but I love survival horror games, so I'll have to see if I can get my hands on an old copy of this one.

solidxz2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Well, it IS more of an RPG. But it's a great game. If you have a PS3 or a PSP and live in North America, you can download it from the PSN store.

Otherwise, I wish you luck. I managed to find a copy of it for $30 about 4-5 years ago, but I've seen it sell for upwards of $200 these days

RuckusPG2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Oh, I didn't realize it was available on the PSP as well through the PSN store - thanks! Derp, need to learn to read better.

elpresador2558d ago

.....FF7. I know there is a split on FF7 but I liked that game as well, thought it was awesome and poured well over 100 hrs to get the golden chocobo and the knights of the round which made killing sephiroth easey, just have cloud cast it with a materia that would cast it 3 times in a row and 2 characters with a mimic where they each casted 3 times in a row for 9 casting total. Granted it took like 5 hours to go through it 9 times but made the last fight easy. Also beat both weapons as well. Only thing that I HATED about FF7 was spending a crap load of time building Aries to a high ass level so she could sit back and heal only to have her be killed. Yea that was a spoiler but if you didnt know that by now then that is your fault. 14 years is a long enough wait.

Anyway, though I loved and beat PE, the sequel was not that great. I just wish I could remember most of the story cause I remember LOVING the game. I wish this as well as FF7 would get an HD treatment and re-released. That would rock. Hell, put both games on one Blu Ray.

COme to think of it, and dont lynch me here as I know saying what I am about to say will get me lowered bubbles and/or a crap load of disagrees BUT, if they never come to the PS3, maybe E could have another studio do an HD treatment and release on BOTH the PS3 and 360. Tat could be cool especially if you dont have a PS3 but you loved those 2 games.

lease dont hit disagree due to mentoioning those games on the 360. I always read coments about 360 known games that say it would be great and worth it to the developers to put said game on the PS3 (like gears, which wont happen any time soon due to publishing rights and such) but if anyone says anything about a known PS3 game being released on the 360 it is a huge sacralidge statement. Then again, if someone would let me know, COULD those 2 games ever appear on anything other than a SOny system? That is did/do they hold the publishing rights or would it be up to SE to do with what they please?

Actually, a version of PE on the 3DS could work and be cool. After all aint like Snake Eater being ported to it?

Ok, WAY too much talking. I am done for now. I am not trying to start any flame wars or anything like that with these questions so for the love of God/Jehova/Yaweh/Xenu/El Ohem/Allah dont disagree or bubble rape me just for being curious and asking questions. Thanks.