Five Things to Expect from ‘Pokemon’ On The 3DS

Game Rant's Riley Little writes: "With the Nintendo 3DS only a few weeks away, we speculate about what Pokemon will be like on the new handheld. Check out our list of five things to expect from ‘Pokemon 3DS.’"

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dycerrr2502d ago

Man, if Pokemon 3DS give me anything even remotely close to the image you used for the actual combat screen you have, then I'm in. To actually see your own creature in the foreground, and following them out to their enemy, plus animated attacks, it will actually be the game the my 9-year-old imagination turned it into. I hope that Nintendo stops just repeating the same look and steps into a new graphical standard, but my hopes aren't exactly that high :(

Jio2502d ago

With the old DS, the horsepower was horrible, so they made it animated. Now with a handheld more powerful than the Wii, who knows what they can do!

ajtaormin2502d ago

I will possible consider playing a Pokemon game if these use the 3DS Augmented Reality capabilities. If not, I will not even think twice.