Xperia Play to have one of PSP's Greatest features ~ The Sony Geniuses

The Xperia Play will definitely be a hit now that this feature has been announced that was awesome updated feature for the PSP Go, Resume Play. Even though possible on mobile phones today, it is good to know that this feature will be used in everyday use. For example your waiting on the train to your destination, your playing Crash Bandicoot on your Xperia Play. You arrive to your destination, you turn off your phone and it will save exactly where you left. When your find free time to play again, the game will be waiting for you in your notification bar which will be easy to open up and play again. Watch the video for yourself and notice how fast it loads and how it does not seem to slow down the power house at all! With 50 preloaded games on the Xperia Play, are you still tempted to buy this?

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Stealth20k2561d ago

everything but the games.......and the ability to transfer games and saves.......and real analog control.....and a decent price

silvacrest2560d ago

it did say "ONE of the PSP's greatest features"....

the reports from people who have had hands on use of the analogs (and not some fear mongering troll with zero experience) state that you get used to them after a little while and they work fine

get it on contract instead of sim free and you wont pay so much, same thing applies to every phone but something tell's me you already no this....

we dont no if it can or cant transfer games and game saves yet

Shazz2561d ago

looks good but 500 notes is way too much with ngp hopefully out this year with features like friends list and trophies

NiteX2561d ago

500 notes? How much is that in USD?

Spinal2561d ago

This is a Smartphone Firstly, Handheld gaming unit Secondly.

Smartphones off contract cost between £400-£500. This is a standard price for a Smartphone.

Your comparing to the NGP the PSP 2 which IS ONLY A GAMING HANDHELD NOT A SMARTPHONE.

Understood? or do you need English classes?

silvacrest2560d ago

but i'll add that most people would just get the play on contract anyway, who has £500 to drop on a phone? no one, especially these days, which is why contracts exist

also, phones drop in price far quicker(except the iphone) then handheld consoles, the play shaved off more then £100 before it has even been released, do a good search for proof

Ddouble2560d ago

Could not have said it better myself