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RipTen: When it comes to tactical squad based shooters, many people tend to think of SOCOM. However, since it’s a PS3 exclusive… what are the PC and Xbox 360 fans supposed to play?

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CrzyFooL2623d ago

I wish SOCOM was multiplat. I want to play it on PC. Actually, I want to play it with the sharpshooter. Actually...I'm conflicted.

aselah2623d ago

So do I! I prefer to play these kinds of games on my PC!! Please SOCOM!! come to PC!!!

Pixelated_Army2623d ago

Just pick up a PS3 and you'll have the best of both worlds. PC for teh awesome graphics and PS3 for exclusives and PSN.

Shackdaddy8362623d ago

Ya. PC would be pretty cool as long as it doesn't take anything away from the PS3 version (I always think thats kinda unfair when that happens). Mods would be sick.

NaiNaiNai2623d ago

Last I checked consoles are what take away from a multiplat that is on PC.

Anyways looking forward to both games.

candybeans2623d ago

I went into this thinking that a period would be involved. Seeing only a military shooter disappointed me. Are we not done with those yet, people?

LittleBigHalo2623d ago

Only SOCOM is third person shooter. There are many classical third person shooter games available made by great independent studios, they just don't get the same exposer as these big titles. I am looking forward to both games, though.

GamerSciz2623d ago

Battlefield BC2 requires tactics, as does KZ3 Operations mode. CoD is the only shooter where it is pretty much run and gun and you can be a one man team if you can twitch fast enough accurately.

red2tango2623d ago

as much as I hate what they did to my beloved franchise, NO!

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