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Nitrowolf22533d ago

Not bad for a new IP and it being a FPS (which is over used this gen). It's actually a great game and not as bad as i thought it would be.

FailOverHero2533d ago

Certainly better numbers than Bulletstorm day one. Should have a pretty high week 1 too. Gonna go on a limb and predict 500k plus week 1 in NA. With Europe mixed in, I'd say at least 650k week 1

sickbird2533d ago

the multiplayer is alot of fun.

STK0262533d ago

I'm glad to see that, as I hope THQ continues to make core games; I'm sure they will get better at it over time.

Shackdaddy8362533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I hope they make a sequel and improve on the things that this game currently has. Everything is there to make this an extremely good game. They just have to implement it.

Multiplayer is great but I just wish they had more maps/slightly bigger maps. I wish they would combine the maps in frontlines:fow with homefront.

soundslike2533d ago

true frontlines had some big and awesome maps, but honestly, for this game, I'd like to see more smaller neighborhood maps with an emphasis on house clearing with squads+drones.

RockmanII72533d ago

and to think their stocks fell 20%, if this keeps up this game should hit 1 million sales in no time

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