PlayStation Move: The Good, The Bad, and the Most Wanted - Part 2 (CtrlAltKill)

In Part 1, CtrlAltKill looked at the good, now they check in to see what gamers should not be playing with a Move controller and what is to come for Sony's motion controller.

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AndrewE2624d ago

It's nice to know which games to avoid for the Move and a shame that other publishers are trying to cash in the wrong types of ways.

Neko_Mega2624d ago

What games to avoid? There really wasn't any, Start The Party is a good game but playing single player blows because there is only about two mini games to play.

The best ones are RE5, MAG, KZ3, Sports Champ., Soccom 4 and alot of the ones on the PSN a good to.