Top 5 Worst Games That Got Sequels

Koku writes: "There have been numerous great games that have been released, but never quite got the attention they deserved; and this lack of attention would cause the game to stay with their small fanbase and fall into obscurity. Some hidden gems that come to mind are Beyond Good and Evil, Eternal Darkness, Killer 7, Psychonauts, and Second Sight. Whether it was bad timing for their release, poor advertising, or just the game being too odd, these titles deserved more. The most mind-boggling thing is that there were games that did even worse than them and somehow managed to get sequels, and with that here is my list of the top 5 worst games to get sequels."

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Cinotix2537d ago

I'd have to say Fusion Frenzy 2, fuck that shit.

ThatGuyInTheHat2537d ago

Fusion Frenzy 2? Gay game is gay.

NukaCola2537d ago

What? You didn't like Sumo Ball? That was the only thing I played...well it was just a demo disc but I played it a lot.

metsgaming2537d ago

I would say all the COD games.

ThatGuyInTheHat2537d ago

Never cared for any of these games. I only play good shit.

Ziriux2537d ago

Right, I don't mind sequels as long as their well done.

NukaCola2537d ago

Is it too soon to add Prototype 2 in there yet?

VenomProject2537d ago

Good shit?...Isn't that kind oxymoron? :D

stevenhiggster2537d ago

Not really, I've done loads of good shits. You know the ones, when you've been holding it in for ages and then finally you get to drop it, man, they're great shits!

dead_eye2537d ago

Unless you get splash back. great way to ruin a good shit

mau642537d ago

Yup, I agree with this list. I did like Blood on the Sand though.

mau642537d ago

aww give me a break. It was fun with co-op with a friend.

I guess it was pretty bad though. We just laughed at it a lot.

"Yo 50 hit that big ass ramp"

Ziriux2537d ago

I mean fiddy baby. I hate his music, style and especially his games.

StarCSR2536d ago

Blood On The Sand was an A WE SO ME game... I laughed my ass off while playing that. It had a "taunt" button... HILARIOUS.

Cinotix2537d ago Show
mastiffchild2537d ago

Killer 7 IS genius-and, though I'm not big on Suda51, it never had a sequel, did it? Whatever, there's NOTHING wrong wth K7's Harman delusion fest whasoever. I missed it first time round and actually only played it after playing NMH1 the other year-crazy game but still clever, biting and thoughtful and one of the better games the world has seen rather than one of those least deserving a true sequel. I fail to see how you'd do an actual sequel anyway, mind, but count me in if they make a new one of the same quelity as that original. Naturally, all this is moot if it was a sequel itself or a missed some awful, under my radar effort since.

As for games that got sequel that realy didn't need making-Kane and Lynch stays in the mind as two stickiong games best remembered for the Gerstmann fiasco at GS-much more revealing and interesting than either game. the sequel's big, grainy, handheld cam filmed looks were an insult and only existed to fudge some of the laziest actual visuals and animations in a supposed AAA title ever-or this gen at least. Awful, awful games.

Of equally crappy quality are the two Shellshock games. GG hold your heads in shame!! The erstwhile KZ heroes made an atrocity with their previous shooter IP which, oddly, still sod despite being culled by the critics and a lot of users too. sadly, spawn a sequel it did and S2 remains the single worst game I've ever put in a PS3 slot. Enemies that can kill you from miles away with no chance of you seeking them let alone killing them with the worst aiming, camera, hit detection set up in recent memory was one of it's less puzzling flaws . The first game was a mess, true, but the lack of care with what remained a decent set up(Zombies in Nam? Should be cool, no?)in the sequel was a crime-though whether it's as big a crime a us lot buying enough copies of the first to ensure it even exists in sequel form is open to debate.

Christ, if I was just in charge of this as a list i could go over board with I'd be here all day as loads occur to me-but the above two jumped up first!! Also, if we include Altered Species shouldn't we include Alone in the Dark Inferno or PS3? I don't thin calling either a sequel s really true, mind, but if one is why not the other as they're equally crappy(AITD and AITD:I I mean and not the ancient classic).

Special mention should go, though, to terrible updates of classic games with the whole arm wife of modern day Bionic Commando head of that list along with the risible last Turok game for managing to be about Dinos in space and STILL generic as all hell.

GamingForever2537d ago

oh god, what horrible games...

Ziriux2537d ago

I threw up a few times reading up.

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