Gamer Workouts: Dumbbell At Home Full Body Burnout

GamerFitNation's new Fitness Contributor provides workouts for Gamers. Check'em out.

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xtheownerzx2505d ago

great workouts ima try this out right now!

Warprincess1162505d ago

lol now you know any real gamer is not gone to try this. It too much work for them


Give them a chance and maybe they will try.

xtheownerzx2505d ago

Why not and how come a real gamer wouldn't try it out? So your stating that all real gamers are supposed to be lazy and unhealthy. How does that better the individual?

Warprincess1162505d ago

yep, that exactly what im trying to say.


Scott is a Gamer who loves to help out Gamers

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