Preliminary Resistance 3 Trophy List Unveiled

A new video has surfaced showing the trophy list for Resistance 3, which was on display at the PlayStation Lounge in Austin, Texas. Considering the game is still deep in development, only some of the trophies are actual real ones that we are likely to see in the final game – the others are in fact placeholder trophies, concocted by Insomniac with a dash of their well known sense of humor.

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Taggart4512537d ago

Totally looking to getting some of those in the near future!

decimalator2537d ago

I'm totally having lunch with Ted Price. As long as he pays for it.

I just hope it's less of a grind than Resistance 2 was. Man, that was painful. Fun, but painful.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2537d ago

Ted Price doesn't pay to go to a restaurant. The restaurant pays him to come.

doctorstrange2537d ago

I love Insomniac's sense of humor

BigPete79782537d ago

Agreed, they know how to make you laugh in their video games.

ftwrthtx2537d ago

I sure hope they don't have another impossible 10,000 online kills trophy. That is the only one I need for Resistance 2 platinum.

NeloAnjelo2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Wow. Loving these names! Can't wait to join the Resistance again!

doctorstrange2537d ago

Really hoping to get into the beta

NeloAnjelo2537d ago

Are you a plus member? I'm sure they'll get first Dibs!

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