Homefront Discounted Just One Day After Launch

Yesterday, reviews for THQ's new shooter, Homefront, came in and they were hardly glowing (averaging in the low 70s). THQ's stock took a major hit as shares tumbled more than 20% in reaction to the news. The publisher had acknowledged that it needs to sell 2 million copies just to break even on the title, but we have to wonder if that's going to happen. Now Homefront has been handed another blow, as the game just one day after release has been reduced at two major retailers.

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NukaCola2591d ago

Mindjack just came out and it's only $40. I guess crappy game is crappy....unless it's COD then is apparently IZ TEH GRAAAYYTESSTTT!!! or at least to most reviewers..

Sinner101GR2591d ago

THQ needs to pay attention...before they kill more franchises.

Though Kaos hasn't been the belle of the ball lately either.

donniebaseball2591d ago

This game had failure written all over it from the start.

FailOverHero2591d ago

It has sold 375000 day one in NA. Should sell better than Bulletstorm 1st week.