DTG: Is Survival Horror Dead?

Lurching and lumbering like an infected research lab assistant, DTG takes a look at the genre’s past, present, and future. Is survival horror truly dead, or like the famous T-Virus, is it simply developing other ways to manifest itself?

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Trroy2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I just played through Dead Space 2. It was awesome.

Survival Horror is very much alive... err... maybe its very much NOT alive? Hmm.

In any case, its very healthy... umm... well you know what I mean.

NukaCola2683d ago

See I consider DeadSpace more of horror action thriller. I think that feeling of being totally helpless and trying to survice has been gone for along time. I would say the last good survivor horror game was Resident Evil 0 on gamecube. But I really think that Silent Hill Downpour could nail it. It looks really creepy.

Trroy2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I can kinda agree with Dead Space, since you have a "crew" to talk to for some of the game, and you're in a special armored suit... but games like System Shock 1/2, and even BioShock, definately gave you the "alone against the horrors" feeling.

I guess its not fair to include System Shock 1 & 2 in "recent survival horror", since they came out in like 1993 and 2000, respectively. Dead Space is decently close, though.

As I stated though.. I see your point. The Dead Space gameplay and suit definitely move the game more toward the recent RE4/5 "action" and away from SS1/RE "survival".

lil Titan2683d ago

i mis read the title lol and yes it very dead...THEN IT COMES BACK TO LIFE lol like the Jeffrey

christheredhead2683d ago

im not sure if its truly dead yet but survival horror has now evolved into action horror. all we need is for developers to return to the root of what made survival horror great.

NukaCola2683d ago


Also I would like to say that I miss those bitmapped environments for classic games. The still frame rooms where the camera doesn't pan around at all. I always thought they had the best detail and would love to see another game use that. God of War sort of has that locked camera effect, but I would love to have locked cameras from all kinds of crazy angle like in FF VII, Parasite Eve, Silent Hill, etc. Like walking into a room and you are looking through the security lense or walking down a hallway and you character is getting smaller cause the camera doesnt follow over the shoulder, it sits on the wall. Stuff like that.

Godmars2902683d ago

Survival horror hasn't been survival horror since the first few RE titles and the early PS1 era. Since then its all been about ganking zombies.

VenomProject2683d ago

If Amnesia were ported to consoles, I could see a very warm reception for the title.

I absolutely LOVE the game, scares the piss out of me.

captain-obvious2682d ago

tell me about it
i didn't even complete it
scary as fuck :\

Lamarthedancer2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Not really but I tell what killed it in

Before anyone disagrees PLEASE look and read the RE5 concept art article. You might of seen it before but it's still pretty cool

Which is what the game was going to be like (at least one of the few ideas) before co-op was added.

It sounded amazing

Barry Burton, Zombies, a RE4 style merchent, a level where you have to barricade a house, like in RE4, in a zombie attack, Meeting up with Jill near end and playing like old school RE, scary single player...

...and yet they scrapped all that so a friend could join you online ¬¬

Pozzle2683d ago

OMG. There was a level where you fight Uroboros inside a train?! An abandoned ship chapter?! A tyrant boss battle?!


Wow...I mean, wow. This genuinely pisses me off. The concept art looks like it would have been, not only an amazing survival horror, but an amazing game alltogether.

CaptainGreece2683d ago

Lol it could have been the greatest game ever made.

CaptainGreece2683d ago


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