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Thisisxbox Writes: "The SEGA Dreamcast is back! – well, on a disc – ok, it’s only four games, but some of the best remembered and most loved titles from a console that had internet browsing before the PS3 was even invented. Although the Dreamcast console wasn’t around for long; just over 18 months before the announcement of its demise, it did happen to have some fantastic games – and even now, over a decade later it still has a cult following and the occasional indie game release for the diehard who can’t let go! Oh the memories…"

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SilverSlug2381d ago

Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi and Space Channel 5 are great games. I don't like SEGA Bass Fishing, but it got high scores when it came out. 30 dollars... that is less than 10 dollars per title.

Seriously, biggest whiners ever.

kasasensei2381d ago

I had a dreamcast and these games. Sonic adventures is average at best, sega bass fishing is crap, space channel is a horrible game for the players like who can't stand pushing buttons repetitively, crazy taxi is the only one decent and still a bit fun, BUT the soundtrack is not epic like the original. So, this compilation is a fail. "End of statement" :p

SilverSlug2380d ago

Wait what? This is what is wrong with gaming... seriously.