RipTen Review: Fight Night Champion is a Heavyweight Hitter

RipTen: Fight Night Champion is truly a breath of fresh air for the long running series. Champion mode has a great and involving story with well written characters, exhilarating fights and a superb soundtrack to top it off.

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KingNintendoFanboy2345d ago

I don't think I've ever played one of these titles. Nice review.

Ziriux2345d ago

Why even comment if you never played a title.

Than again I say nintendo in your username and why would you since your system can't handle such beauty.

Cinotix2345d ago

@ Ziriux

lame insult dude just lame.

KingNintendoFanboy2345d ago

Hey man, Punch-Out!! is beautiful in its own way. :(

Urrakia342345d ago

Jesus take a chill pill dude. If your not allowed to comment on games we've never played then don't comment on Battlefield, SOCOM, Resistance, etc. And he didn't even say anything negative, he even complimented the review. Can you be anymore of an a**hole???

CrzyFooL2345d ago

As if anyone thought this would be bad? Every Fight Night is awesome. It's one of EA's most bankable franchises.

Stunt2345d ago

I heard you like to get punched in the face.

Sigmarue2345d ago

It has a story? Color me impressed.

Ziriux2345d ago

Not as good as the show lights out.

Ziriux2345d ago

I still to this day think that FNR 3 is the best out of all graphically and gameplay and I love the haymaker.

CrzyFooL2345d ago

Yeah but the story in this one is awesome. Especially when most sports games don't have any story whatsoever.