Mortal Kombat is now better than Street Fighter?

Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? You probably never asked yourself because these two titans of a game differ greatly, ones bloody an ones flashy. Mortal Kombat makes you feel like you’re beating the shit out of your opponent and that just about sums up why a lot of people love MK, oh and you know those Fatality things help-out too by just making MK standout among all the fighters.

the vote is MK 33 SF 9 so far.

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Nitrowolf22684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I like MK much more then SF. SF a good game, but i enjoy the blood and gore from MK much more and i always found MK to have much more unique characters and a lot of awesome fighting combos.
Plus yeah, finishing moves are awesome.
though i wouldn't mind a MK VS. SF game.
Would still love to see a rated M game of it though or at least have it so fatalities aren't so lame like in DC VS MK

lol this is how i always pictured chun li fatality

Rynx2684d ago

I LOVE me some SF and I'll be buying any and every iteration (except the costumes)

But at the same time I'm going to be buying MK9 day 1 and rocking it for a good while to come, just like I did MK1-4 and Deadly Alliance.

So in other words both franchises can co-exist in my universe!

MastaMold2684d ago

Street Fight is great but I always liked Mortal Kombat more always

Parapraxis2684d ago

Me and my friends always discussed which was better in high school.
Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II and Killer Instinct were played many many weekends =)

josephayal2684d ago

MK better than SF lmao I CAN'T STOP Laughing

midgard2272684d ago

yeah tell me bout it.

first off i dont even really like SF4, i liked 2, 3 and the alpha's

but s4 is leagues better than MK.

not until MK learns how to animate thier characters and make them less stiff will the gamee even have a chance. the game i unbalanced and just bad.

its amusing to see fatalities yes, the side games are cool but the core gameplay just plain sux, sorry guys, its good game for people who like violence and easy games. o wait.....thats most of this gen, dang no wonder why the votes are winning

KeiserSosay47882684d ago

I guess you didn't play the new demo? I personally didn't give a crap about MK before I played it, and now I'm probably going to buy it. I thought the animations were quite good also. btw my faves are doa4 and the alpha sf games....

Raider692684d ago

"animate thier characters" "less stiff".Thats one of the evolutions i wish were made!Too plastic to my taste MK!

ComboBreaker2684d ago

Luckily, there's Alpha 3, the best Street Fighter game ever, and the new MK, a fighting game that's actually fun to play.

Soldierone2684d ago

easy games? Street Fighter is probably the most easiest fighting game there is, right next to Tekkan and Soul Caliber. Did you not play the new Mortal Kombat yet?

Mortal Kombat is easy to do things, which makes it hard to fight others. Id say Marvel vs Capcom is the only thing harder when someone is good with it.

Not hating on Street Fighter, but when your gonna argue against one title at least have a standing ground before jumping into a battle lol.

BigPenguin2683d ago


I assume you mean soulcaliber is easy to do moves in, in which case you are correct, its just directions and buttons. However out of the four you mentioned(SF, tekken, SC4, MvC3) it is definitely the hardest at a high level of play. It becomes a game of fencing, as opposed to a game of get the first hit in then do your long combos like the other 3.

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Rynx2683d ago

It's all subjective on where you put the polls. If that poll was on (which is covering MK9 news) you'll see the complete opposite.

ps3alldayeveryday2684d ago

I think the New Mortal Kombat will win best Fighter of the year especially since Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was a let down in certain areas.

Raider692684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

IF Street Fighter Vs Tekken gets release this year i expecte all competition to go down!

Raider692684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I a question of taste "I already stated this today in another subject"!I never been intro MK ,and SF IV was an evolution to the SF franchise that i haven't seen yet in MK!Off subject, MVC3 was a step back to MVC2!

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