GamerNode: Knights Contract Review

There's a level of primal satisfaction inherent in any game in which the central task is hacking down hordes of enemies with large, medieval weaponry. In some ways, Knights Contract nails this aspect of play, complete with a burly protagonist, magical combos, and fairly extravagant finishing animations. However, thanks to extensive loading, sloppy level design, unexciting writing, and some tiresome combat routines, the game does falter in enough ways to degenerate the overall experience into more of a chore than a leisurely pursuit.

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amlabella2564d ago

This seems like one of those games that is enjoyable for a little while but that I'd quickly find repetitive.

italianbreadman2564d ago

This is definitely a tough game to play - the type you WANT to like, but have to struggle against for its less-than-lovable elements.