Kaos: Homefront Multiplayer Experience is Worth $60

In an interview for CVG, David Votypka, Kaos Studios' GM, said that Homefront has plenty to offer despite the game's short solo campaign that has been criticised in early reviews.
THQ confirmed in January that Homefront will be using their recently developed online pass system for multiplayer, which means that the users without the pass will still be able to play online but they won't be able to pass level five experience out the possible 75 levels.

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gravemaker2651d ago

its not an excuse for shitty single player compaign

lastdual2650d ago

Kaos is throwing away money by ignoring singleplayer gamers.

The buzz in the industry may be all about multiplayer, but a huge percent of gamers still care first and foremost about the campaign. That's probably 50% of their sales that they are leaving by the wayside by focusing so little on the singleplayer experience.

Motion2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Not many recent multi-player-centric FPS's have had good single player campaigns as of late. I see no real reason for this one to be any different:p Things won't change until consumers start voting with their wallets.

retrofly2650d ago

Havn't played a good SP FPS since HL1 :)

badz1492650d ago

among the best SP FPS released in recent years

gorebago2650d ago

Half life 2 was the last GREAT fps imo - gravity gun rules

badz1492650d ago

and this is certainly not an excuse for short SP either! MAG should have been $40 and campaign in KZ3 should've been longer - awesome overall but felt really short changed when it's over! there's not even any collectibles for god sake, WTF?

I don't even want to talk about CoD because it won't end well!

Lekumkee2651d ago

Apparently not, since now it's $41.96. Go back and work a texture pack and we'll talk. Something is wrong your game when you can walk up to any object and actually see the individual pixel in the textures.

VenomProject2650d ago

Wow, so what about the campaign? LOL

BloodyNapkin2650d ago

I actually blinked and missed the campaign while i was playing.

Stealth20k2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

reviews speak for themselves


A C is average. Not good, that would be a b-.

SilverSlug2650d ago

Yeah, its averaging a 70%, so its good.

BigKev452650d ago

In school, a 70 is a C. Right?

Pandamobile2650d ago


My high school went 50-59 = D, 60-69 = C, ... and so on.

guitarded772650d ago

Your high school sounds retarded.

BloodyNapkin2650d ago


OMG, some people are so funny.

So, 50-59=D, 60-69=C, 70-79=B, 80-89=A, 90-99=?

If you're highschool followed that scale, then was it a special highschool with a yellow shortbus?

jakethesnake2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

People don't realize that in Canada, all the grading is as Panda described it. And it's not because we are special and it doesn't lead to grade inflation. Just ask my wife who moved to Canada for part of her BA and did a masters. Just because an A range is 20% instead of 10% doesn't mean it's any easier to get an A.

dillydadally2650d ago

Bunch of high schoolers in here... Most grading scales in the U.S. are like that too when you get to college. That's THE standard grading scale. High schools tend to alter that scale but some decide to go with the standard scale to match everyone else.

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t2taylor2650d ago

yeah but not in gaming reviews. 7/10 is good with some flaws or missed details. learn to be a critic in the right category.

SilverSlug2650d ago

Going by numbers is retarded. 10 scale is broke. 1-5 means nothing since 6 is 'horrible' to most and 7 is bad.

Seriously, some of my favorite games this gen got 6-7 metacritic. If you trust reviewers, you are a sado.

Soldierone2650d ago

Yeah if you put COD controls with a Battlefield scale, and so far the lag from Black Ops, you get Homefront! Thats all I see it as so far. Its a solid idea, that wasn't fully done correctly.

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