GamerNode: Dead Space 2: Severed Review

Take Dead Space 2, subtract the hallucinations, the Zero-G segments, the puzzles, the element of discovery, the fresh (if languished) environments, and Isaac Clarke himself. What's left?

Dead Space 2's first single-player DLC Severed stays focused on the implication of its title, perhaps to the detriment of the overall package. It places an ungainly weight on the shoulders of dismemberment combat for this extension of Dead Space: Extraction's fiction creating a dichotomy as uncomfortable as traipsing backward through already tired levels. The Sprawl never looked so... familiar.

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amlabella2680d ago

I suppose that opening paragraph says it all. It's a shame that they started out on such a low note for the single player DLC.

italianbreadman2680d ago

Yeah, especially with such positive reception for the main game.