Battlefield 3 new screens are in

Brand new screens from Battlefield 3.

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halocursed2409d ago

They just need to announce a release date for this.

i_like_ff72409d ago

I hate it when stupid website click Prt Scr on videos and label them as screenshots.

TheGrimBunny2409d ago

Buy new computer for all my money to be able to play this game in awesome graphics on the biggest online multiplayer servers.

smurfz2409d ago

Loool just thought it was funny how they said "to restore stability", there really trying to find out shit about Iraq, and find out more about there oil so they can one day take it! C'mon are you bullshitting us, to restore stability......

KeiserSosay47882409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

For the soldiers, it is about restoring stability. Unfortunately, the suits in charge have different motives.

OT: BF3 is gonna commit a hate crime on COD

jaidek2409d ago

DICE has really pushed the envelope in terms of visuals, here's hoping that they will start licensing out this engine for other developers to take advantage of.

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The story is too old to be commented.