Get Your Groove On in SOCOM 4

PS Blog: The SOCOM franchise is no stranger to intense online competition, the sort of frantic rivalries that bring out plenty of gloating for the victors.

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hoof1232563d ago

Victory Dance, aka. Teabagging with style.

Pixelated_Army2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

That's f**kin' awesome. I'm going to be doing the robot all night long. lmao

Chubear2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

.. I'm guessing you guys never played SOCOM on the PS2 uh? lol

Yes, Victory dances are awesome way more than plain dry teabagging.

Used to be so satisfying to find that last enemy on the map, call in the reminder of your teammates, finish him off and all do the macarena in a circle on their corpse.

jriquelme_paraguay2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

just win my Private Beta trought Twitter

*Chicken Dance*

Der_Kommandant2563d ago

Who is ready for The Chicken Dance?

zgoldenlionz2563d ago

Victory dances FTW! but being an old school SOCOM player that likes to show his age i still prefer dancing over a corpse the old fashion way by using the left/right D-pad to bust out that sweet elbow lean dance moves.

Cant wait to play this Day 1 im still bummed about the lack of modes but i know ill get my money worth either way, and im still hopeful they'll bring back demolition/Escort and all the other modes that made SOCOM great through a patch or even some DLC.

hoof1232562d ago

Do you know if lean is definitely in this one? I watched a beta stream this morning, but I didn't see it. Might have just been cause the player was pretty shit though.

zgoldenlionz2562d ago

@hoof i hope they have lean to tell you the truth i havent heard either way.

cochise3132563d ago

Lol lol lol that's funny as hell. It's going to piss me off though if I'm on the losing end lol.

Headquarters112563d ago

Looks like the PS home dances lol

negroguy2563d ago

Chicken dance has to be the best one. Its like you're kicking up dust all over the dead body.

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The story is too old to be commented.