GamesRadar: From Dust - The Best New Sandbox Game of 2011?

While From Dust isn’t strictly a sandbox in the sense that gamers have come to understand it – there are very few buildings, certainly no skyscrapers, and a total lack of vehicular combat – in terms of the literal origin of the metaphor, referring to total freedom of expression combined with rafts of emergent gameplay, it’s a killer.

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Saint-Revlot2533d ago

Infamous 2 will be the best open world game.

MitchGE2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

While I agree that InFamous 2 will at least be the best open world game this year, this game and Journey both look great.

KeiserSosay47882533d ago

Infamous 2 will no doubt be awesome and one of the best but doesn't skyrim count as open world?

MitchGE2533d ago

Yeah, I always forget to separate sandbox from open world. InFamous 2 will be the best sandbox game while Skyrim will be the best open world game.