Just Cause dev making its first ever multiplayer game

CVG - The developer behind Just Cause is creating its first multiplayer game for PSN and XBLA, CVG can reveal.

Avalanche is set to announce the title with its publishing partner in the coming week, and has built the game on technology from bigger simultaneous projects.

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2593d ago
trainsinrdr2593d ago

i havnt bought jc2 but ive seen enough to know it NEEDS multiplayer so ill buy this if no matter what xD
its a shame that games like dead space, assassins creed and even uncharted get multiplayer and they completely dont need it and then games like jc2 dont:(

vickers5002593d ago

Uncharted did need multiplayer. It's not the main attraction of the franchise, but it's definitely a huge reason why U2 reached such critically acclaimed status (again, it wasn't the main reason, but it played an essential role in U2's high success).

trainsinrdr2593d ago

you sure about that i played 2 games or so and i couldnt play it again it was extremely boring linear tps's shoudnt have multiplayer

vickers5002593d ago

I didn't say everyone liked the multiplayer now did I? No, I just said that it was crucial to the extremely high success of the game. Sure it would have still been successful without the multiplayer, but not nearly as successful as it is now.

Most tps games should have multiplayer, it usually makes them better.

RockmanII72593d ago


They said that the PSN game was going to be an existing IP and the only other existing IP, The Hunter, is a deer hunting game. So either it's a game where you play hunters vs deer or it's Just Cause related.