The E for All ad

The E for All expo is coming to show off the latest in video games, and you're invited! october 18-21

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REbirth3580d ago

probably the worth ad i've ever seen...

cooke153580d ago

hahah reminds me of old nintendo ads from the early 90's! love it ;) Im going

cr33ping_death3580d ago

downtown LA is 30 minutes from my place....but without SONY. MS or NINTENDO whats the point? good thing i didnt buy tickets when i first heard of it.

xplosneer3580d ago

That they have to advertise it, E3 would be sold out pretty quick if it was still open to the public. Whatever

Rybnik3580d ago

I get what you are sayin' but E3 was never open to the public--that's GC Leipzig, TGS, Micromania, Etc