MLB 2K11: Hits and Misses Review

Review of MLB 2K11 takes a look at areas where it excelled and those where it faltered.

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GamerSciz2530d ago

When MLB The Show is your competition...well good luck is all I say.

dmonee2530d ago

I really like this article. I spent some time on the site and also looked at the MLB 11: The show review. I like that Pastapadre doesn't use a score. The review's are written with things of note within the games they review. For instance, with the baseball reviews, the reviewer goes in with the understanding that the reader knows baseball. That aside, the review is basically broken down by good things and troubling things. I like this take on reviewing a game as opposed to throwing a score at it. I can see where this would drive aggragate junkies like myself nuts. You won't find this on metacritic, nor will you find a review of both of this years baseball games as comprehensive. Good job pastapadre.

bestofthebest2530d ago

I bought both 2k11 and the show this year and I just got done playing 2k11 on 360 its really not that bad as people say sure the graphics are not even close to the show but its a decent ball game haven't run into any glitchs yet. Im waiting for the show to arrive still hasn't been shipped yet but every year I buy it and im not dissapointed. It does look similar to last year except for analog controls. If I had choice i would go with the show I only bought both because i got them for 35 each and havent played 2k in a while.

Elven62529d ago

Visual Concepts has really turned the series around after taking it over and this is coming from someone who has played the worst ones. Shame most people don't realize this.

What's worse is that 2K Sports isn't really supporting the games much in terms of development from what I hear, surprised they didn't support 2K11 better given the praise 2K10 was getting. Hopefully we see something change with 2K12 from 2K Sports.