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While the single player is a little disappointing, the idea is there. It’s worth playing through though and if you need addictive multiplayer to fill the gap until the next blockbuster title hits shelves, it won’t disappoint. It’s just a shame that some extra polish and a few unique gameplay features could have made a huge difference.

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Mysteriofoe2499d ago

Multiplayer does not even work properly
dedicated servers there is no need for this since internet speed has increased since 2002 so why doe we keep pushing this option down our throats
If we were able to host ourselves it would also resolve a lot of lag problems with people from abroad.
Why do we put up with games that are being released without a proper testing.
And what is the deal nowadays with the run and gun playstyle.
Whatever happend to matches of Siege Ghost Recon style.
Why doe we have to make everything look and play like Call of Duty.