Game Character Showdown - Bout #9 Nathan Drake vs Ryu (SF) / Miranda L. (ME) vs. Lucy S. (AC)

GameDynamo - "How in the world can Nathan survive the spirit energy attack known as “Hadouken!” But, we’ve seen the crypt crawling adventure junky squirm his way out of some pretty dire situations, so who knows. Fireballs and energy projectiles aside, Ryu has a ridiculous amount of fans amongst Street Fighter addicts. Nathan certainly wins the personality contest, but does he win the popularity contest?"

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Goomb2656d ago

Haha! Wonder if anyone will vote Ryu instead of Nathan Drake... not me!

CobraKai2656d ago

I will. Fighting is Ryu's whole being.

MaxXAttaxX2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Miranda looks good in artwork. In the game she's a butterface.
Decision - Think I'll go with Lucy.

Nate vs Ryu? If this is a popularity/power contest. I'd go with Ryu.
But SF4 Ryu's design is the ugliest I've seen. So might go with Nate, Lol
Decision - Can't pick either one. Too different.

DarkBlood2656d ago

lucy, lucy i know i seen her before but i just cant remeber lol but i know the rest well

Arkhamz2656d ago

ryu obv would beat drake in a fight, i acknowledge people's opinions but saying otherwise is just bs