Bethesda: ‘You’ll be Impressed’ with Prey 2

Earlier in the week, Bethesda officially announced Prey 2 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. With a debut trailer now out, gamers may have noticed that things have taken a drastic change in terms of game design since the original title. Bethesda is confident in the new direction and has a message for everyone.

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guigsy2538d ago

Bethesda are only publishing the game.

ATiElite2538d ago

Bethesda..."You'll be impressed with Prey 2 and the huge collection of bugs included with every copy".

Bethesda = more bugs than a dead Elephant carcass.
Bethesda Games....Raid not included.
Bethesda proudly presents....Bugs Life 2

actually I don't wanna here about any other Bethesda games until they patch Skyrim 3 or 4 times.

palaeomerus2538d ago

Human Head is doing the actual development.

Cajun Chicken2538d ago

Anticipating details. I like the idea of it seemingly being in the same timeframe.

Lamarthedancer2538d ago

Can we have Tommy back then :)

NotSoSilentBob2538d ago

It has Bethesda's name on it so I have not worries stating the fact it will have BUGS and lots of them.

Rhezin2538d ago

nahhh not really

Skyrim and Prey 2 cannot come sooner. Bethesda is on a raoll.

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