Hands-on Preview: Gears of War 3

Few games have the multiplayer following that the Gears of War franchise does. The strong third-person action combined with the fact that you can chainsaw someone into tiny pieces means that the mainstream appeal is high. While that has been incredibly evident through the high sales numbers of the first two titles, the popularity of the Gears of War franchise was never more apparent than it was through the enormously long lines at PAX East.

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Active Reload2626d ago

Gears 3 is going to do some overshadowing of franchises, lol. What's up with the 1 bubble contributors? They remind me of this...

dagamdagee2626d ago

I like the changes made to the multiplayer, especially the pre-match map view. Changing load-outs would also be really helpful. I wonder though if they fixed some of the exploits from Gears 2 (Superman, Two-piece, etc.)

killyourfm2626d ago

That pre-match/pre-spawn view is straight from Horde mode, from what I can tell. brilliant.