Multi-Player vs. Single-Player

What was once just a highly-craved, welcomed add-on tacked on to a game designed to be played by an individual at a time, has now manifested into a popular, ever-expanding feature practically deemed necessary by gamers and some developers for a game to be considered adequate.

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Nawabi2657d ago

i wish single player was the main focus of developers which apparently isn't the case these days(most of the times)

sikker442656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

i have to give it to single player. its an incredible gaming feature thats always been there
BUT multiplayer is a good thing as well, hence killzone 3, bf3

Paladz2656d ago

This seems odd to me Nawabi. Why would you put more focus to a component of a game that is only meant for one player. You have no one to share this with.

I agree that Single Player should have a certain focus so that you learn the story of the game, get to the plot and complete whatever missions/quests you are told to do, but the replay value isn't in single-player, it's in multi-player.

The majority of people who purchase games today are playing the multiplayer part, not because the single-player got worse, in my opinion they actually became alot better - but because single-player is over in a few hours and there is no single reason to ever play it again, there never has been in single-player.

gameguru2657d ago

co-op games are kinda cool but i m bored of competitive multiplayer now, so yeah single-player for me :)

UnSelf2657d ago

i think some devs undermine the importance of the gamer eventhough that should be their main focus

Titanz2657d ago

Why do you believe it was last place?

WhiteNoise2656d ago


You got some narrative in my FPS so I can T.H.I.N.K while I philosophical with mt A.K.4.7.

But seriously.

Good, original, lengthy truly replayable MP games are few and far between

Quake 3-Unreal Tournament 3-BF3/Brink, then it will be another 5 years before anything noteworthy rears it's head.

But we have had quite a few great new I.P's single player wise.

Sadly with online passes and 12 month rushed game development time ( why do bug testing when you can patch post release? ) there won't be many MP games get off the ground.

I'll take my Bioshock Infinite with a side of 20hrs gameplay minimum please...what's that you say, 20hrs gameplay comes with the burger automatically? no extra cost? sold!

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The story is too old to be commented.