Analysis: Mobile's Growing Impact On Handheld Gaming Market Price Tags

As part of his February NPD analysis, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines the growing impact of smartphones on the mobile gaming market, and how low-priced mobile games have "have turned out to be a threat after all" to traditional handheld game companies.

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Stealth20k2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

actually they havent. Handheld games still sell millions and make more money than 99 percent of mobile games

in addition the 3ds is outselling or preordering the ds in every region...........

hoops2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

It is a threat. Like it or not.
The games are cheaper. Not the same quality but they are selling at a faster rate. Moreover, the games are becoming more advanced with the new powered cellphones and tablets coming out.
For instance in late July, Nvidia will release their Quad Core chipset for phones and tablets. And it will have more cores and power than what is inside the PSP2.
Before January Nvidia and Qualcomm will release a even faster ore powerful chipset that uses less power than those.
You will have cell phones very soon running games the same way as handhelds...of course minus the physical controls. Then again Sony's Phone has it and even though its a single core chipset, you already know the update to that phone will have a dual or quad core chipset.
But the appeal to this type of gaming is simply this:
You only need one device. You don't have to carry two or more devices. Cell Phones will play high end games....act as a PDA...PC...Camcorder...Camera. in one device. Convergence. It's happening sooner than you think.
The traditional "hand-held" as we know it is