Battle Field 3: Pax East 2011 Demo Impressions

t Pax East along with other Ea Gun Club members got to see new footage of Battle Field 3. I stood in line for about an hour something that for the past 3 years of going to conventions have yet to ever do. That should show you how much i wanted to see what was inside the booth. So I finally get my chance to go into the booth and there are 4 rows of chairs, in the front a big screen, to the left of the screen a desk with a man sitting behind a computer, and to the right of the screen a guy holding a mic. From what I was told from other people that got to see the presentation before me that this was all video being show, just extended trailers. As the presentation started I found this not to be true.

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CrzyFooL2623d ago

Here's my impression: OOOHHHHHMAHHHHHHGADDDDDDD #Jizzinmypants