Refunds for your Wizard and Toyfare Subscriptions? Don't Count on It! writes: "Ok, fair enough, Wizard Universe didn’t have anything to do with my original subscription to Toyfare, but it was the only response I got so I followed the lead. I wrote back asking for any type of forwarding address or information that this individual can give me that can at least point me in the way to someone with knowledge. After all, Wizard Universe was still a part of Gareb Shamus’ Wizard Empire, right?

“I have no contact information for anyone at that company that can assist you. I would suggest (name and email address withheld). He won't respond to your emails but he does still work there. Everyone else was let go when the magazines were canceled.'

'I answer emails sent to this address because we still have customers with outstanding orders on If I was a Wizard Employee, I would be collecting unemployment rather than answering your email. Please direct your inquiry towards them.”"

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JelalTrueshot2653d ago

Not gaming related per se but I will approve because other former subscribers should know this. Frankly, companies think of us geeks as expendable ATM machines. I hate this kind of unscrupulous crap.

Also, love the TBL quote at the end!