Nintendo 3DS final retail unit review: the 3DS Menu/operating system

"Ever since videogames consoles begun to offer more than just gaming and the odd CD/DVD capabilities, there’s been a large shift in focus to each console’s operating system and its features. Systems such as the Xbox 360 launched with plenty of new and exciting capabilities to extend our gaming experience – the relaunch of Xbox Live Arcade, for example and improved integration with Xbox Live itself, or one can look to the Wii, with its fresh and exciting (at the time) array of channels.

While updates to these operating systems also determine an awful lot during a console’s lifespan (even the most starved of updates, the Wii, has seen its fair share of new system features and first-party software over the past 4 years), we find ourselves looking at the first of a long line of transformative changes to 3DS – that is, the initial 3DS system menu."

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