Operation Flashpoint: Red River creative director doesn’t “get much fun out of military simulations”

In an interview with PC Gamer, the creative director of Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Sion Lenton admitted that he thinks military simulations are “immersive” and “realistic” but not necessarily “fun.” Sion directed gamers yearning for an accurately simulated warzone towards Bohemia Interactive’s ArmA series, and claimed that PC is “Not the market to be in.”

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Trroy2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

That's... interesting.

You'd think he wouldn't *say* that, even if he thought it, and designed his game to be less of a sim, considering the demographics that buy his games.

Honestly, sims and tactical shooters are about the only kind of shooters I even enjoy anymore. Shooters that require planning and thinking... good stuff. CoD, Halo, and their ilk... are kinda boring (yeah I'm old).

If I can Halo jump, and run-and-gun, in OF:RR... I'm probably not going to buy it, even though I enjoyed OF:DR quite a bit.