NGP to get PlayStation Home?

Sony's online social space, PlayStation Home, could feature on the NGP handheld.

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DA_SHREDDER2679d ago

You mean to tell me that wasn't already planned amongst other things? Im not buying this day one if there isn't full psn access on this thing. No X game chat either would = no purchase at all. Not new anyways.

a_bro2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

i freaking agree.

if they are going to bring home with this, it has to be there day one. thats way theres full integration with the games, and its features.

Active Reload2679d ago

Lol, I agreee with your first sentence shredder and I don't think it will have HOME. Very seldomly do I see Sony capitalizing on the most obvious of winning situations. I'll definitely be getting a NGP, but it's not because of HOME or anything like that being on it. I'll be using it to have a console like experience on the go...

StbI9902679d ago

¨No X game chat¨ lol, ok, that on a freaking portatile console? stick to the 3DS then.

DanSolo2679d ago

What are you 5?

No cross game chat and I'm not buying it?

Seriously dude grow the fuck up!

limewax2679d ago

Grow up troll, doubt you will get cross game chat anyway so go enjoy another console. But before you do that read the article. PS Home is not PSN

Oxymoron0282679d ago

Do you by any chance, play games?

Asher6ix2679d ago

What, u guys just need to hit Google translate to understand what he is trying to say. Troll to English: "so this thing isn't going to help me finally lose my virginity? I won't buy it then"

sinncross2678d ago

Im willing to bet that Home will be on PS Suite.

many ppl dont know this, but Home was actually going to evolve into the cellphone market, according to Phil Harrison.

As Home is a good revenue for Sony, it only makes sense to make it available to as many ppl as possible. The more people who may use it also makes the community bigger.

I think this is a good move: I just hope they keep improving the experience.

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Blaze9292679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

lol exactly my reaction. bubbles

Close_Second2679d ago

How will that work since the thing does not have internal storage? You wont easily be able to download new content for it unless they ship it on a memory stick with lots of additional storage. That is unless its all going to be cloud based.

Sorry, but the form factor and lack of internal storage put me right off. I'll wait for version 2 or 3 of the NGP before I decide.

Active Reload2679d ago

Don't you have to download Home on the PS3?

Oxymoron0282679d ago

It might be doable, I mean theres gonna have to be SOME form of internal storage for the OS and pre-loaded applications.

Additional content will probably just go on memory sticks or something.

Theyellowflash302679d ago

NO Sony! dont waste time on doing PS Home on the PSP 2. Just work on functionality, games, and features like x game chat. Faster loading time for trophies would be tight. Also not having to sync would be cool too. PS home is not something thats going to make or break the psp 2.

NiKK_4192679d ago

i would like all the above :) including home

Theyellowflash302679d ago

Well we havent even got that on the PS3 so how would they do that for the PSP2? Wishful thinking on your part.

hoof1232679d ago

As long as it has full integration with my PSN ID, so I can play psone classics/psp downloads on it, I'll be happy.

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