Expect PlayStation 3 price cut on September 13th

David Wales at PSUni writes "Over the last couple of months, there has been a lot of speculation and rumored reports whether or not any of the three major console manufacturers would choose to drop in price this year. After all, it’s been awhile since the Microsoft Xbox 360 dropped to its latest sweet spot and that the Nintendo Wii hit the $199 floor. However, Sony’s PlayStation 3 has been sitting pretty at $299 for quite some time and has been continuing to sell well."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

would be pretty nice to get a ps3 for the same price or even cheaper than a 3ds.

"It’s obvious that Sony would choose an event like E3 to announce the price drop of one of its products,"

No it isn't. Sony has already said that E3 is NOT the right event to announce a price drop.

Nes_Daze2537d ago

Didn't they do it before but it was leaked before that year's E3? I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a price cut announcement on E3.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2537d ago

They did. But they stopped doing it.

Istanbull2537d ago

No E3 is not the right event to announce a pricecut. The Games convention is much better, they announced the Slim and 299$ price at Games Convention.

Its also much closer to the holiday season: at the end of august, start of september.

I think we can expect a pricecut at the Games Convention.

gman_2972537d ago

When this happens, expect to see a whole lot more people picking up a PS3 over a 360. You just watch...

RockmanII72537d ago

ummm... no shit. That's what a price drop does, increases sales.

Quagland2537d ago

They're going to announce a price cut 3 months before it happens, eh? BullShizzle. They don't need a price cut.

justlu2537d ago

Completely agree Sony has always tried to be as tight lipped as possible when it comes to a price cut in order to keeps sales numbers high. They would be out of their minds to announce a price cut so far in advance. 1 weeks notice is about all I'd expect in order not to mess with current sales of the console.

bwazy2537d ago

Didnt Sony JUST start turning a profit on their consoles like... Last year? I really can't see another price-cut coming, nor do they need one.

winflasher02537d ago

2 years ago not one.Where do you get your info?

bwazy2537d ago

It was a random guesstimation. Also I CLEARLY didn't factor 2011 into the calculation.

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