Cliff Bleszinski: Dual-analogue isn't for touch-screens

Gears Of War designer praises PSP2 legacy control layout.

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski believes smartphones are naturally at odds with the most prevalent controller layout in gaming.

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ps3bestever2681d ago ShowReplies(6)
C L O U D2681d ago

The Rock: "Know your role and shut your mouth!"

The Killer2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Cliff looks like a person who has many enemies! i mean his statement and look looks like he is a spoiled brat who never had to worry about making his own sandwich.

In fact, he looks gay, thats just my opinion or he looks sissy boy.

any way, he wants to be on the media to be famous and the only way to do that these days is to bash anything related to Sony.

Rocket Sauce2681d ago

Maybe, but I bet he knows how to read.

Dude4202681d ago

“Dual-analogue touch-screen controls do not work,” he said in an interview with Play magazine.

“They’re fun for 15 seconds and then it’s just friction-burn.”

Then look further down......

Bleszinski proceeded to praise the upcoming high-end PSP2 – Sony’s latest bid to thrive in the mobile and handheld market.

“As much as I love iPad and iPhone gaming, I’m glad to see a portable that has actual buttons and dual analogue on it,” he said.

You guys are just extremely dumb.

Ryudo2681d ago

Just ignore them there a bunch of halfwit dumb fuck Sony slaves that didn't even bother to read the article....

He was talking about touch screens with "VIRTUAL" analogs not physical ones you fucking morons.

VenomProject2681d ago


Take that banana out of your ass, punk.

I was simply laughing at the Rock quote. CTFD

Ryudo2681d ago


Yeah I find that believable... No honestly I do.

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palaeomerus2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

I'm sure Cliffy cried all the way to his Ferrari when he read that.

It must be awful being rich and successful and regularly quoted by the press and then find out that maybe six nerds on the N4G comments section who don't even know have decided not to like you or respect you because they didn't even read your quote correctly.

Poor guy.

C L O U D2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

No I've read it all I understand what he is saying, but how do you feel?

-Alpha2681d ago

Glad PSP2 has both. It caters to two different ends of the spectrum that way.

Dude4202681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Cliff would pretty much agree with you and people would see that if they took the time to read the article, I don't know why people still call him a douche. Please guys, I'm still waiting for someone to provide evidence that he really is a douche.

sikbeta2681d ago

I'm good enough with the 2 sticks, but touch-screen is welcome too, so no problema XD

ZeroX98762681d ago

2 analog stick was necessary. After playing killzone and resistance on psp, the need for a second stick was inevitable. nice to see there's 2 of them on the NGP (PSP2), unlike the 3DS...

Tommykrem2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

I think he's talking about virtual dual analogue sticks render on the screen, that you touch,like in James Cameron's Avatar on iphone. As the title states this is positive for PSP 2 that actually features two real touch screens.

If he does in fact mean two actual analogue sticks combined with touch screen however, then I'm a bit sceptic.

Titanz2681d ago

In a sense.

People who enjoy control sticks as their best preference of play, will obviously go with that control method.But the psp2(sounds better) has both options, and that'll benefit a lot of gamers.

shadow27972681d ago

Wow, a lot of people didn't bother to even read the description, let alone the article. He's saying touch screens on smart phones can't supplement or replace physical analogue sticks, which is why it's great that the NGP has both. You get dual analogue controls and the perks from touch screen controls.

He's praising Sony for getting it right.

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