Sony says it 'doesn't make sense' to ditch standard gamepads

SCEA's Dr. Richard Marks has said he doesn't think it makes sense to ditch standard game controllers.

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Wizziokid2594d ago

"Sony says it 'doesn't make sense' to ditch standard gamepads"

agreed, things like Move, Kinect should always just be additional ways to play, never standard.

personally that's where the Wii went wrong for me, Nintendo should go back to the pad and use motion gaming for additional means.

an0nym0us2594d ago

I Second that opinion. I don't see why we can't have both, and it's better then that sixaxis gimmick.

OhReginald2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I third that opinion. Giving gamers different options on how to play their games like killzone 3 is what i like about gaming.

limewax2594d ago

Nice to hear the occassional comment that actually backs the players thoughts from time to time. Especially from big companies that always want to be the next big thing

killcycle2594d ago

We've had the same control pad design since Ps1.

I remember first hearing about the analogue stick design Ape Escape.

Shit was sick, it's still the greatest pad out there especially for fighting games imo.

hay2594d ago

Solution? Full motion Dualshocks!

Tony-Red-Grave2594d ago

the ps3 controller rocks i just wish it had more buttons for games with alot of commands so i dont accidently hit the wrong button. ie socom is a game with alot of commands and if there were two extra buttons for putting the commands and weapon switch itd be easier since my reload is weapon switch and my taunts is well i think it was with my run

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RioKing2594d ago

@OhReginald, i dont know how anyone could disagree with you. Someone anti-choice maybe? lol

vsr2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Dualshock is the PERFECT design for any games. That's why there are more than 300 million dualshocks ruling the world.

That is 4% of total world population

Lamarthedancer2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )


I think they should have the choice to use a game pad in the next Wii even if you give people the choice you can still push the motion controll in advertising or what ever new thing they will come out could bring back the people that have let their Wii gather dust over time.

cr33ping_death2594d ago

exactly... or else we would eventually end up like this

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Led-Zeppelin2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Dont change something if it isn't broken. I don't think anything can succeed the gamepad (Or Mouse and keyboard). Motion controllers and cameras are just add ons, but they do give you more variety and a different experience.

citan2594d ago

Good Lord, thanks for Sony. If not, we'd be waving our arms frantically to another Kinect Duty.

Kos-Mos2594d ago

I hope you`re not directing that comment with undertones to Nintendo aswell. I respect many of your comments. Don`t disappoint me Citan.

citan2594d ago

Sorry about that ;)

Good Lord, thanks for Japanese console companies!

theonlylolking2594d ago

I agree. All it needs is improvements.

More accurate sticks, faster response time buttons, and like the razer onza mappable buttons or maybe a touch pad int he back of the DS3 controller like the NGP.

InfiniteJustice2594d ago

Totally agree - if controllers are going to change, just improve on the previous model with whatever is necessary.

I think since most of us gamers today have always known a controller, it'll be hard if not impossible for the industry just to drop the whole idea of a standard controller.

DlocDaBudSmoka2594d ago

if that were to happen. i dont think id play as much as i do. well until i got the hang of the new control method.

Relientk772594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Sony PS1, PS2, and PS3 dualshocks, the best gaming controllers ever

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